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This is a 4 weeks course, giving you 4 two hour sessions. As part of this course you will discover how to use a commercial pattern, become familiar with all the markings, look at various types of fabrics, learn how to place the pieces for cutting and how to attach these together to achieve the finished garment.

This is a fantastic course to build a great platform going forward.

You can be a total Beginner or just someone looking to improve your techniques.

You will leave having made a dress in our toile fabric which you can use as a pattern to make a variety of other dresses at a later stage.


Groups; £90   Each

One 2 One ; £180 ( Please call for availability)





One Day Dressmaking Course


For those who can't commit to our 4 weeks course , we offer "An Introduction to Dressmaking Workshop".

A 6 hour workshop covering:


* Machine set-up

* Looking at fabrics and suitability

* Pattern Cutting

* Garment Construction

* Seams

* Zips


During the day, you will learn all the above working on a sample garment.

notes and handouts will be given , helping you to build a reference portfolio for future use.


All fabrics and equipments are provided. If you have your own machine, you are welcome to bring it along. If not you can use one of ours.


Groups; £90 Each



Introduction to Dressmaking Workshop


Always Wanted to learn how to sew?

You've come to the right place. Whether you are a total beginner or just looking to refresh your skills, this 3 hour workshop will be an ideal platform to learn a life long skill.

During this workshop you will learn about:


* Terminology

* Seams & Stitches

* How to use and read commercial patterns

* How to lay & cut your pieces ready for making

* The beauty of different fabrics

* Their suitability

* Contacts of how & where to source your fabrics


You will work with a miniture pattern and a generic fabric which you will take home with you as a point of reference.

This workshop provides you with all the basic kowledge to proceed to more intermediate and advance courses at a later stage.


And to top it all there is always Tea and Cake!







Making Vintage Night Dresses;


A three weeks course where you will learn to design two types of nighties. One long and the other a short version.

You can then apply your skills to make these in a variety of fabrics for a more modern twist. 


Groups of Max 2;  £140Each





Little Girls  Dresses;


A fun and very creative 3 weeks course.

Learn how to create easy, adorable dresses for girls(ages 1-12).

On this course we will show you the steps to making these gorgeous dresses. Whether you are a Mum, a cool auntie or just someone who might be interested in starting your own children's clothing business, you will leave this course with some valuable skills and an adorable dress.


Groups of Max 3 ; £145 Each

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