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We'll be open from Monday April 12th

Dear Customers

We can not wait to welcome you back to our shop.

We have taken some measures to ensure the safety of you and us and also help to reduce the spread of COVID-19


1) We advice you to wear a FACE COVERING when you enter our shop. If you are not using your own , you are very welcome to take a free one from our selection.


2) Please do not enter this shop wearing GLOVES. If you would like to use gloves , please take a pair of disposable gloves provided

3) Please as much as possible stand in front of the PROTECTIVE SCREEN when we are chatting, and keep the 2 meter distance as best as possible.

4) HAND SANITISER  is provided by the front door for your use

5) We will encourage you to use CONTACTLESS payment as much as possible


6) Our FITTING ROOM will remain closed until further notice


7) Your clothes will be sprayed with disinfectant , however this will not cause any damage to the fabric


We so thank you for your patience and understanding during these difficult times. And we thank you again from the bottom of our hearts for your custom & support.




Gloves are meant to avoid cross contamination. For instance in a hospital nurses wear gloves to see a patient and then discard them before seeing the next patient. If you are wearing the same set of gloves all over town , you are only spreading germs everywhere you go. Every door you touch, your phone, the trolleys, your face, your car door, money, change etc.....

So if you still would like to wear gloves, please take a disposable one provided. Or just simply sanitise your hands with our sanatiser

Thank You

For you understanding


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